Thursday, April 26, 2012

Femme Power? Supremacists are Dumb

I consider myself a feminist, never a female supremacist, but I think women still have a way to go.  Many years ago my actor/model/writer/useless boyfriend would pontificate about inane drivel, like what era would I like to live in the past.  He thought turn-of-the-century America would be great because he could work with his hands, like a man.  I said none. Nothing. The future please.  The turn-of-the-century woman had no rights outside of her husband.  Heck, if you watch Mad Men you realize women are only a few decades away from being considered chattel.
Mad Men? Christina Hendricks.  Red hair, gender roles and boobs, that's my favorite grouping of topics.

When asked my opinion about female supremacy, I would quip, "It's not my gender that makes me superior."  It was a joke, but there are a lot of dumb women out there, namely ones that actually believe their hype and in female supremacy.  They exist.